Welcome to Shopping For Dollars LLC, an OurGV Independent Affiliate/Member.  We have some exciting information to share with you. 


We help charities with fund-raising.   We help businesses save money and generate additional revenue. We also help everyday people like you save money and make money at the same time! Imagine... making money from shopping for things you actually need and want to buy while helping your favorite charity!


We offer business solutions that either generate additional revenue or save money.  Our company helps business organizations of all sizes such as the NBA (i.e. Chicago Bulls), Radio Stations, Restaurants, Sales Organizations, to small organizations like individuals marketing real estate, insurance, service-based companies, various home businesses and more. For more information about our for-profit program, click here.  Go to the Solutions tab for more information about how we may be able to assist your business.


We also offer non-profits solutions that either assist them with reaching their fund-raising goals or save money.  We help incredible non-profit groups like yours by providing programs and online technologies to assist organizations of all sizes. We have been able to help larger organizations like the MS Society, Ronald McDonald House & Joyce Meyers Ministries, as well as smaller more local groups like 3rd grade choirs and other youth organizations.  For more information, click here.  Take a look at the video on crowd funding.  You may also go to the Solutions tab for more fund-raising solutions. 

Finally, we are looking for a few good people.  Perhaps you already have a business where you offer various products, services, and/or solutions to your clients.  Your business may join as one of our Independent Members. 


If you are interested in finding out more about how you or your business may assist businesses, charities, and everyday people, take a look at all of the videos on this site. Please fill out the below form so we may follow up with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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